In general, the Amazon region is quite affordable for tourists. A relatively small budget is sufficient for most tourists’ needs, including local transportation, recreational activities and souvenir shopping.

Ecuador’s currency is the dollar US. so please be advised that all payments are made in dollars US. If you are traveling from Europe or Asia, please be sure to bring enough dollars US. to cover your trip. Traveller’s checks should be avoided, as they are no longer accepted in Ecuadorian banks.

We recommend that you carry a variety of smaller bills (between 1 and 20 dollars). Coins are commonly used here to make payments. Therefore it is also advisable to carry US coins in all denominations. 100 dollar bills are NOT recommended.

There are NO ATM machines at GAIA or in the surrounding area. The nearest ATM is located in Tena, one hour from Ahuano by bus. Please keep this in mind as you prepare your budget and make plans for your stay with us.

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