Gaia Amazon Spanish and Kichwa school in Ecuador is a holistic language learning initiative. We provide language instruction within the natural and cultural environment of the indigenous communities in one of the most biodiverse areas in the Ecuadorian Amazon rainforest.

Our participants are thus able to appreciate these resources, their conservation and sustainable use. Become part of the challenge of building a world without frontiers through the learning of a new language and culture, expanding the consciousness of the importance of conserving the Amazon rain forest for the humanity welfare, and having a positive and real impact in the local communities!


The GAIA team is made up of young professionals—environmentalists, artists and entrepreneurs—who work in close partnership with the local Ahuano community. The Spanish instructors at GAIA come mainly from Quito, an internationally recognized destination for Spanish-language learning. They have many years of experience teaching the language, and are highly motivated to teach and meet people from all over the world. Kichwa is the native language of the majority of the communities surrounding the GAIA school-lodge, and our teachers of this language are professionals with an intimate knowledge of the Kichwa language and culture.

Our Mission

Promote cross-cultural education, language learning, and life-enriching experiences in a sustainable environment, while respecting indigenous communities, their traditions and culture. We hope to promote a keen awareness of and respect for the local culture, through education. By making sustainable use of rainforest’s natural resources, we strive to effect a positive change and improve the living conditions of its inhabitants.

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