Learning Kichwa in the Ecuadorian Amazon Rainforest will oversize your imagination. This is a marvelous place full of advantages. Among the principal benefits you will enjoy the tranquility of the Amazon, its friendly native people, its natural atmosphere, its challenges, the adventure and activities to do and rediscover. Every day here, you will be fascinated.

Kichwa is the native language spoken by many of Ecuador’s indigenous communities. Most of the people in the Amazon region are bilingual however, fluent in Spanish and Kichwa. Gaia provides an ideal setting for learning and practicing the Kichwa language, while also learning about the fascinating Kichwa culture.

Kichwa program options

  • Kichwa & Tours

    Kichwa & Tours

    Designed for offer the best of the nature and culture of the Amazonia. This program combines Kichwa instruction with daily tours. Read More
  • Kichwa immersion

    Kichwa immersion

    There is not better place to study and practice than here, surrounded by the marvelous nature, friendly people and lot of things to do and discover. Read More
  • Kichwa & volunteering

    Kichwa & volunteering

    Combine Kichwa learning before or while you are contributing in one of our projects aim to improve the welfare of the Amazon. Read More
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