Gaia is looking for volunteers to contribute to the conservation of the Amazon Rainforest and the welfare of its inhabitants. We emphasize placements in which both volunteers and host communities benefit from the experience.
We offer a variety of volunteer opportunities, with the purpose of conserving and improving quality of life for the indigenous communities. These include teaching English, sports, arts in disadvantaged communities, working with animals in the rescue center, working in conservation of the Amazon Rainforest and other projects led by Gaia.

*It is recommended (but not required) that volunteer work be combined with Spanish instruction. Please be advised that some projects require a minimum level of Spanish language skills.

As part of our mission, a portion of our profits is used to fund our volunteer projects.


Volunteering more info

  • Is a special background needed? +

    Our volunteers do not need to have any special education and/or professional experience—just energy and enthusiasm to help.
  • Who is suitable to be a volunteer? +

    Anyone 18 years of age or older!
  • Requirements to participate +

    Some projects inherently require a minimum level of health and physical ability, as manual labor in a tropical environment with few amenities, can be challenging.
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Volunteer opportunities

  • Teaching English

    Teaching English

    The local school in the Ahuano “Padre Otorino Todescato” is looking for volunteers to help teach English to the first grade.
  • Forest conservation

    Forest conservation

    Jatun Sacha foundation is working hard to conserve a bio-reserve of 2000 hectares of primary forest. Lots of volunteers are needed.
  • Animal rescue center

    Animal rescue center

    The “Amazoonico” animal rescue center always needs extra hands to care for recovered and/or disabled wild animals, and to help them reintegrate into the forest.
  • Social projects

    Social projects

    Gaia has developed its own projects to improve the quality of life for the local communities. These include building dry bathrooms, signposting, environmental education, and other community programs.
  • Internship with Gaia

    Internship with Gaia

    We are looking for an intern who can help us in areas such as administration, volunteer coordination, guide interpreting, among others.

    I loved being here; it was one of the best experiences of my life! It was full of amazing excursions, guides, lessons, staff, and the lodge was truly lovely and comfortable! I can’t wait to come back!

    Gaia gave me the most amazing experience of my life. It introduced me to the Amazon as if I were an insider, and I loved being a part of it! The lessons and the voluntary work in the local school were incredible and all the kids were so lovely!

    I felt like I was truly in paradise! I had never imagined how unique and amazing a place could be! I enjoyed every daily excursion and above that, I learned so much from the Amazon culture!
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